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Miza Gutiérrez

a year ago

Tim is very knowledgeable in what he does. If you have stage fright or trouble reading music he has no problem helping you through that as well. I’ve enjoyed every lesson and have even found new audition songs that he’s recommended that suits my voice just right. 10/10 recommend

Robert Ehlers

2 years ago

Timothy Birt is a terrific teacher of voice. I came to him for help with speech production, because three other speech therapists had not been able to address the tonal quality. Tim convinced me to try singing and that it would help my speech. I love opera and have always wanted to sing, but I had never sung in front of anyone. He made me comfortable by exuding the confidence of being able to help me and knowing that I would improve. He is very patient, steady, knowledgeable, personable, and talented. He has a great voice and ear to match. My speech has improved a lot (many types of confirmation of this in my life), and I am making great progress in my singing tone. I highly recommend Tim for your vocal teacher.

Stephan Lemmer

2 years ago

Tim is an excellent teacher, who does a great job of balancing friendliness with not-messing-around rehearsals. He really seems invested in his students' success, finding (and encouraging) opportunities and auditions that I may not otherwise have known about.

Michael Sutherland

2 years ago

Timothy Birt is an expert voice teacher. I've had about 11 lessons with him and I can strongly recommend him as an instructor. He is very passionate about helping anyone who wants to improve their singing and he is very professional in the way he conducts the lessons. I am happy to have him as my instructor.

Haskell Folsom

2 years ago

Mr. Birt (Signature Singing) is an excellent voice instructor. He knows how to bring the best from your voice and teaches the proper technique to maintain the classical sound. Highly recommend him for any level of voice training.

martha fabrique

2 years ago

Mr. Birt is a great teacher - he knows how to teach you the fundamentals of good singing and has a wide variety of repertoire. He is friendly and great to work with. Highly recommend!


2 years ago

I've been training with Mr. Birt for a year now, and not only has he helped me open up my voice and find a new sound. He's also taught me how to sing the right way without damaging my chords. Mr. Birt is kind and stern, if you're looking to grow as a vocalist, the right way...I would highly recommend for all types of voices.

 Rita A. N. Feb 23, 2017

Excellent instructor with an emphasis on proper breathing and technique. He is incredibly knowledgeable and conveys tips about vocal placement and breath control in a way that "clicks" with me. I'm an experienced classically trained singer who was looking for a professional to help me refine my instrument and correct some technique issues. I am thankful to have found this instructor. 5 stars!


 Joseph B. Jul 17, 2016

Fantastic vocal instructor and singer! Have seen a ton of growth and development in my voice since beginning lessons with Timothy. Just when I was about to call it quits with the vocal training Timothy helped breathed new life into my singing. Professional all the way. Helped me improve range, tone, pitch, and still more work to be done!

He is awesome. Wow!! what a strong beautiful voice. I feel blessed to have him as my voice teacher. learned a lot today my first day. love him already. Thanks Tim.

By Milagros A. on 3/10/2016


By Gabriel G. on 12/6/2015


By Lavelda N. on 10/2/2015

I'm not going to lie, I thought it was going to be one of the hardest days of my life but Mr. B explained and broke down his lesson plan to a point where any can understand, yes it was my first day and all days may not be well paced but I'm ready for the challenge, He's a Magnificent teacher and a Humble individual.

By Charles B. on 9/1/2015


We are very satisfied! We've seen plenty of growth. He is a great guide to finding your opera voice. We are very happy with him! Definitely recommend!

By Erika M. on 6/25/2015


Learned a lot. Very professional and cool.

By Kristen P. on 4/22/2015


Professional, Concise with Instruction, Welcoming, Knowledgable, Keeps the Environment Comfortable and Productive. Really glad I chose to go to Timothy Birt.

By Luciano B. on 3/19/2015

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